“Working with Adrienne has had an amazing impact on my life. Aside from gaining strength and flexibility, I no longer suffer from the lower back and neck pain that has plagued me for years.  Adrienne thoughtfully tailors an evolving program, including sit-ups and Pilates exercises, that meets my needs and goals. I would never give up working with Adrienne. She is the best!” -Pat G., Pittsburgh

“The gift of yoga Adrienne offers is remarkable—inspiring each student to perform to their personal best.  The attention given in her small group class is exemplary.  Adrienne is an amazing yoga instructor–take the opportunity to experience her meticulous style.” -Val M., Pittsburgh

“Truly the most relaxing hours I have ever spent.  Adrienne makes my stressful life livable!”  -L.R., Pittsburgh

“I had never taken a yoga class before and was understandably nervous. Adrienne did a great job of making me comfortable as well as adapting to my skill level while still leading the rest of the class. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone, whether it’s their first class or their fortieth!” – Matt B., Pittsburgh

“Wow!  Master yoga instructor who can take you from any level of practice to places you never thought possible!  An experience not to be missed!”  – Wendy Pollice, Pittsburgh

“Adrienne is a wonderful, caring instructor who will gently guide your Yoga journey.  You will leave her class feeling light, centered and renewed.  Namaste.”  -Phyllis S., Pittsburgh

“Yoga was something I did because it was ‘good for me,’ but I didn’t enjoy it until I took classes with Adrienne. I truly look forward to her classes because they are enlightening, and I feel great afterward. Her knowledge of how the body works is outstanding and her positive attitude is so contagious.” -Mica Morrison, Pittsburgh

“Adrienne is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever worked with!  Her knowledge of the human body along with her awareness of the spiritual connection that deepens from a yoga practice provide the perfect balance for all levels of yoga students.  Anyone can feel comfortable and non-judged in one of her classes, she is truly a gifted teacher!” -Nikki Remic, Pittsburgh