Yoga for Runners and Athletes Workshop

In this 2-hour workshop, students will learn active and restorative stretching techniques for muscle groups associated with running and other high-level athletics. Also included in the workshop will be tips for injury prevention, from lower back tension to foot pain and more. Students will leave with an understanding of how to properly warm up and cool down, and how to incorporate mindfulness into training for enhanced performance. No experience is necessary; adults and teenagers are welcome.

When: Saturday, February 11th from 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Where: Mt. Lebanon – location TBD, based on number of interested students
Cost: $40 for the class, or $60 for the class plus a personalized program that suits the individual’s particular needs; payment due by 1/28 to reserve your spot

Yoga and Meditation for Symptoms of Anxiety, Worry, and Stress

In this 2-hour workshop, students will learn techniques from various yoga and meditation traditions that help to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, worry, and stress. Class will begin with breathing and relaxation techniques, then move on to meditative strategies that can be practiced in everyday life. We will close with restorative yoga postures that relieve physical tension in the body, and a practice of yoga nidra. Sometimes called “conscious sleep,” yoga nidra is a form of deep relaxation that promotes a profound state of rest. No experience is necessary; adults and teenagers are welcome.

When: Saturday, April 8th from 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Where: Temple Emanuel in Mt. Lebanon (1250 Bower Hill Rd., 15243)
Cost: $40 for the workshop


Arm Balances and Inversions Workshop

Arm balances and inversions can feel like the most challenging part of yoga class. But when done properly, these postures are also the most invigorating.

In this special two hour class, students will receive in-depth instruction on the mechanics and foundation for these poses – abdominal and inner thigh strength, shoulder blade support, and spinal flexion. We will also introduce props as a way to modify the postures.

This workshop is open to the student of any level: beginners wanting to gain strength, and intermediate to advanced students wanting to improve.

Introduction to Meditation Workshop

The more technology advances, the less connected we seem to be with our thoughts, our emotions, ourselves.  Research now shows how meditation can be influential in reversing disease, reducing stress and anxiety, and balancing emotions.  In the way that we take care of our bodies (with good food, sleep and exercise), we rarely make time to take care of our minds.  Meditation has been used for thousands of years, in ancient religious and philosophical traditions, to promote a healthy mind.  Although different styles are practiced in different ways, most require only a focus of attention and an open mind.

Join Adrienne for this special workshop where she will demystify meditation and help find a style best suited for you.  We will look at the following: Concentration on the breath; Focus on a “mantra,” or word of power (not unlike prayer); Kirtan (meditation by song, not unlike hymn singing); Creative Visualization (similar to that of an athlete imagining the ball sinking into the hoop).  The workshop will also include basic stretching and breathing to loosen and prepare the body for a final seated meditation.

The Art of Breathing

Discover the therapeutic power of the breath through simple exercises that can be practiced just about anywhere, anytime.  This workshop will provide a basic introduction to prayanama, or breath control, including breathing techniques not often taught in your regular yoga class.

Oxygen recharges the body, energizes us, thus creating a sense of overall wellbeing.  Among the many benefits of pranayama, some include: a calm mind, improved concentration and mental focus, increased energy, increased emotional stability, help with metabolizing food, boosted immunity, improved circulation, strengthened nervous system, and improved sleep.

Most importantly, these breathing exercises relaxes us.  When we are relaxed, we are able to handle the challenges we face in life with ease, whether on the yoga mat or not.

Core Flow: A Special 90 Minute Class

Having healthy and strong abdominal muscles supports our every day activities, whether it be sitting at a computer, vacuuming the floor, gardening, or simply bending down to tie our shoes. In yoga class, having a developed core creates the foundation for easy standing balances, arm balances and inversions.

In this special, 90 minute class, we will move through a challenging flow class, adding in various abdominal exercises that strengthen and tone our body’s center.

Core Cleanse Workshop

This two hour workshop will teach students how to facilitate the body’s natural cleansing process. We will begin with detoxifying breathing that targets excess belly fat, as well as non-traditional abdominal exercises. We will continue with a challenging flow class that focuses on twists, and backbends from the stomach. These postures cleanse the digestive system and get the intestinal track moving. Students will leave feeling lighter, cleaner, and more energized.